What is FTGF?


Fight The Good Fight is a tale about some ragtag heroes that steal bread for the poor.

A band of benevolent thieves called the DIVIDE are notorious for getting into trouble with the local police forces that patrol and control their slums. Perhaps with a little help, the oppressed people of Dhara Below can finally have a chance at better lives.. but will our group of pilfering underdogs get in over their heads?


Who is the Author?

My name’s Aaron Saylor and I love to illustrate in heavy weighted lines to produce stylized monochromatic works.

Here’s a picture of me taken 4,000 miles away from home. This experience changed my life forever. You’ll probably notice some of the inspiration for my work has to do with military things and what not. The time I spent in the Air Force was only seven years long but my job was unique and because of it, I got a chance to experience something only a few ever get to in their time in service.

Much of FTGF is about the myriad of events, feelings, or circumstances the average veteran of war experiences when leaving a warrior military culture and transitions into a civilian lifestyle. Familiar things become unfamiliar again. It’s challenging to live in a simpler, less stressful environment but are at peace when facing strife or confrontation. The routine of finally getting to work for one’s self is mundane compared to the reward of dutiful service. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be able to put some of the things I and others have experienced on paper–and entertain the heck out of you too.  🙂