Life is a crazy ride that sometimes can get a little bumpy. Over the past few months, I’ve had to handle a few things and it kinda pushed my passion to the side for a while. Now I know I said I wouldn’t stuff my personal life or vent in this blog page in the beginning, and I plan to stick to that, but I think the lessons I learned here can be valuable to a lot of folks grinding that web-comic art life.

Just to get a perspective on the amount of s̶t̶r̶e̶s̶s̶ stuff it takes to steer me away from something I have my stubborn heart set on, I’ve been going through some troubles with family, a huge merger between where I work and a new company that merged with us, and having to quarrel constantly with the people I unfortunately lease my house from. That didn’t leave much in the room of free time and even with an hour here or there, I found myself overwhelmed past the point of making something of good quality that I would be proud to share with everyone reading this story. The take away from this though? It’s OK. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do so you can finally do the things you wanna do; that’s the purest definition of duty I can think of. In this instance, I had to make up my mind and change my life to better myself and in turn, better my art journey.

So now I’m out of a toxic relationship, got through this crazy work transition in one piece, and finished moving into a new home (that actually has landlords willing to fix something as simple as a dishwasher before three months go by..). All that’s left to do is continue where I left off. Remember, just like in art, your life should be flexible and willing to accept change. Become someone who’s addicted to constant self-improvement and stay motivated to do whatever you can to accomplish your goals.