Welcome! This is it! We’re finally doing it! I’ve got so much more to work on before I begin dumping pages on a regular basis but lets start off with a nice cover page and a single weekly update until I can get on a good pace. I’m currently covered up with work and jury duty but hopefully around the summer when life (hopefully) starts to chill out, we’ll get into the swing of things and I can push a few pages per week!

Edit: The original picture is being moved to my archives! I want to go through and tidy up the comic a bit, replacing older panels and a page here and there that will make this book read better. Don’t worry, not going to change much. I’ve already talked with a few readers and Patrons that follow the book, and they like the idea of the older art style being a testament to how far I’ve come on my art journey. Let me know what you think 😀