Well that was unexpected.

I thought of drawing stuff like banana peels on his shoulder and flies buzzing around but in the initial sketches, but the point was lost in the later pages. Might do it when I inevitably go back through everything and dress it up in the future. Speaking of dressing stuff up, I’m looking for some help when it comes to coloring. I can do flats and don’t have trouble with making stuff look nice (see page 3, 4, etc) but my current schedule right now won’t allow me to get caught up due to that. I also would like to focus more on line art so I can avoid the heat death of my book, because (spoilers) 500 pages for the first arc is a whole lot. If I had someone to help me sling color on the pages, I could ramp this up to several pages a week soon 🙂 Hit me up if you know of anyone willing to help!