Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you update FTGF?
A: I update a page a week on every Thursday morning. Hopefully I can start updating the site multiple times a week if I get a good pace going.

Q: Will you try to publish your series?
A: Maybe. It would be cool to try to get some physical medium out there for people to have. Once I’m done I would like to offer a digital copy and at the most color some of it and offer it up for print in small batches. I ain’t a big fan of crowd funding stuff but if enough folks want to try we could down the road sometime.

Q: How did you come up with your story?
A: It’s a bunch of stuff based on personal experience while I served for 7 years in the USAF and some personal beliefs crammed together all fancy like into a multitude of inspirational references that shaped me into the adult I am now as I was growing up.

Q: You said you had a bunch of things that inspired you. What are some of those inspirations?
A: Oh man, um.. tons of titles from the golden age of RPG’s like Final Fantasy 6 (3 for you casuals), Legend of Dragoon, and Chrono Trigger. A couple web comic and graphic novel series that I revisit from time to time just to awe at their artists and writers. If you haven’t checked out Brian Vaughan’s
Saga or Jason Brubaker’s reMIND, then you’re really missing out and I highly recommend reading some of their work.

Q: Who hosts your web comic?
A: I use a site called 1&1. They’re pretty good at offering a ton of options and haven’t screwed me yet so there’s that.

Q: What is the process you use to make your art?
A: Just a little bit of Photoshop and a digital tablet.

Q: Do you take commissions? 
A: Between my job and doing this as my hobby, I really don’t have a lot of time for taking commissions :(. I’m sorry!