Q: How often do you update FTGF?
A: New page available every Thursday morning!

Q: Will you try to publish your series?
A: Maybe! It’d be cool to offer a physical medium out there for folks. Perhaps we’ll release it in volumes? Or issues? Don’t know yet. I tend to treat this all like a rough draft, but once something is figured out, you bet!

Q: How did you come up with your story?
A: It’s a bunch of stuff based on personal experience while I served for 7 years in the military and a multitude of inspirational references from my childhood that shaped me into the adult I am now.

Q: You said you had a bunch of things that inspired you. What are some of those inspirations?
A: Oh man, um.. tons of titles from the golden age of RPG’s like Final Fantasy 6 (3 for you casuals), Legend of Dragoon, and Chrono Trigger. A couple web comic and graphic novel series that I revisit from time to time just to awe at their artists and writers.

Q: Who hosts your web comic?
A: I use a site called 1&1. They’re pretty good at offering a ton of options and haven’t screwed me yet so there’s that.

Q: What is the process you use to make your art?
A: Nothing much, just a little bit of Photoshop and a digital tablet. I’ve learned to start with a script, convert it into a storyboard of the whole chapter, layout the composition and flow of each page, build the files using a template, use a 3DS Max to take line art renders for consistant backgrounds from custom home built sets, place my references and create a sketch, *inhale* and then line art the final product.

Q: What sort of software do you use?
A: Primarily Photoshop CS6. I’m too stubborn to update and I gives me exactly what I need so why bother? I use a line smoothing program called Lazy Nezumi Pro to eliminate jitter and line cutting. To save time without cutting corners, I use 3DS Max to build sets to use for the backgrounds of my illustrations and use a special render to convert the images into line art.

Q: What sort of hardware do you use?
A: My rig is a little older and I plan to update it 2019, but currently it’s an i5 CPU with a 970 GTX graphics card. I use a Huion GT-191 V2 drawing monitor and let me tell you, for the price it’s just as good as it’s Wacom competitor.

Q: Do you take commissions? 
A: Sure! Just started opening up my calendar time for commissions again in 2019. Just send me a message or email explaining what you’d like and I’d be happy to help conceptualize it for you.