In the middle of an art stream yesterday my old faithful Genius drawing tablet died. I had planned to replace it anyways, but I would have liked to done so on my own time. The timing could not have been any more inconvenient either.. haha. I submitted my web comic to the Spider Forest collective and I didn’t imagine my nerves would be this bad. It isn’t the fear of rejection or anything, but the anxiety of having to wait for a whole month for an answer. That and because of some health issues I just recently had to invest in a therapeutic mattress to help sooth the aches of a body that needs to take it easy for a while. Never the less.. don’t give up!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the lesson learned from this is that buffers are incredibly valuable. This next page coming up is a cover page that was for all intent and purpose to serve as an extra week to help me get further ahead. Aside from a few minor changes the next series of pages are practically almost finished. If for any reason there would be an absence of page material, I can start putting together some informal sketch material or fan art from any readers and later upload them into their own archive pages. 🙂 Oh. And don’t buy Genius products. Seriously, don’t regardless of how much money you think you’ll save. Like my friend Roan puts it, “you get what you pay for when it comes to art supplies”. I’ll be trying some Huion products and might even do a quick blog post on how good/bad that item ends up for me. Been through quite a few of these Genius models over the past few years–gotta recommend ya’ll stray away from them only because of their lack of replacement options even if your tablet was under warranty.