So I’ve been discovering a ton of great long form web comics lately as I continue my journey with my own. It’s becoming a guilty pleasure to binge read these to get to where I can finally follow along with the current story. I thought about it for a while and reaaaaaally think I should start some sort of reading list to share and recommend to all the folks that frequent my own or redo my link’s page but blog posts will probably be better. 😛

Here’s what I’ve been catching up on lately: 6-Commando. After the first few pages, the story started to take off and really got me hooked and I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a military war time story about an artificial intelligence named Mike stuffed into a massive tank that ends up becoming more human than machine. Kind of like that 80’s film classic “Short Circuit” where Johnny Five goes rogue and does what he wants but instead of saying catch phrases he ends up dealing with Communist Russia tension. There are some real awesome splash pages that just make you stare at them in awe with a side of dread–especially with all the modern nuclear tension going on with North Korea at the moment. The art serves the story and the pace is great, so seriously go check it out.