Ever since I started this book, I had intermittent issues with some sort of malware stuff that kept popping up when visitors frequented the site. It might have looked like this:

Screw the people at 1&1 hosting with a giant rubber fist.

This stuff was icky and I had no clue how a freshly created website could have become infected. I thought working with the web host technical crew would have fixed it, and I thought they did fix it, but today I noticed the issue came back after a few people messaged me about it (and my filters at work blocked/banned my poor site).

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did a complete and thorough search, this time rummaging through the WordPress files individually. After a little time snooping around, we found ourselves a little pesky backdoor code in our PHP files. Turns out 1&1 hosting has a rather disgusting plug-in that just infects your content as soon as you install it! Heads up if you’re ever interested in starting a website and want to use these guys. In their defense, they aren’t terrible when it comes to customer service or prices for hosting. Heck, due to all the trouble they’ve given me over the past year, I’d say what they knocked off my renewal fee for this year is compensation well enough for the two or three hours it took to scrub FTGF’s site files. Just.. be careful. 🙂

If anyone has anymore issues or spots that pesky malware again, please understand I’m sorry for what issues it could have caused or the first impression it may have given you. Please drop me a message any time on the Facebook page, email me, or just comment in any of the available comment sections on the site. I don’t know a soul alive that like computer cooties.