So I’ve had a good response so far streaming my art as I poke along this journey to create my web comic. I figured I would start doing this as a means to positively enforce my own need to stay motivated to make art regularly. Turns out, its helped quite a bit. Not only has it helped me share and connect with people who share an interest in web comics, but has allowed me to fund the website and increase the amount of money I can use on Project Wonderful ads as well–which is pretty awesome. I’m hoping as I continue to do this, people will check in from time to time to see whats up, give constructive criticism or ask questions, or want to network and grow a community of artists on 🙂 Go check out the link in the menu above to see the stream if you’re interested. I try to make art every afternoon, usually starting around 4:30 PM EST when I’m finally out of the office.