Howdy! It’s been a while since I’ve posted some goodies, so I’ve got a great deal of things to go through that I wanted to share with everyone. First of all, I been receiving amazing critiques and reviews from many folks ranging from anonymous image boards, the Spider Forest community, and my readers over the past six months and it’s helped me out tremendously. As I continue to shape the art and presentation of this passion project, I’ll always take any input seriously and appreciate it greatly. Because of all of this input, I’ve been able to put together a technical process that I think will help me develop and produce more art comfortably to a pace I can pass several pages every week in the near future.

Part of this process involves the search for a colorist that can really bring the art to life–monochromatic or otherwise. I’ve decided to just focus on the line art because if I don’t, I’ll never get ahead at the pace I’m working at now. Hopefully if everything goes well with a VA appointment this coming Tuesday, I’ll perhaps have a nice quality of life improvement that can help fulfill this requirement. Having a full time job and family is a blessing but it would be nice if I had an extra 4 hours to the day so I can bust out more art :). I’ll have a great big vacation coming up soon and some short weeks since it’s the end of the year–so I can’t wait to try and get this first chapter completed before then.

I’ve also launched a Patreon page! Every year I pay a yearly fee for the site to keep it up and running, so any monetary support that comes this way goes into helping me keep this story going. Earlier this year I had a tablet bite the dust, and the financial help from folks watching me Stream was enough to help me pay for 2017’s mishaps. Even if it’s a dollar, it goes a looong way. If you’re interested in seeing pages come out early, any sketches or additional artwork, or want some of my continuously growing art files I batch on a weekly basis, go here to check it out. I should have another blog post about another web comic I’ve been following also soon. I hope you checked out 6-Commando. If you haven’t, I highly suggest it.