I’ll try not to make any of these posts about personal things and keep them strictly about the book and art stuff in general. If you want to know anything about me I’m always up for a conversation on social media or in my discord channel (I should really post that link somewhere).

So! Where do we start? I’ve been wanting to tell a story like this for years now. I remember going to a convention called Katsucon at the National Harbor and meeting a whole panel of web comic artists. They shared their experience, some advice, and discussed some overall do’s and don’ts. I’ve done well to act on what I took away from there and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years as I slowly worked up the guts to finally take the dive. I’m not interested in money, marketing, merchandise, etc. The big question I still have to figure out is how can I make this a better experience for everyone that wants to be part of it? I’m going to only focus on FTGF; the art, it’s characters, my story. I hope that in itself will be enough.