So I’m sure everyone in the community felt the voices of a million little advertisements suddenly disappear from the web comic community with Project Wonderful closing its doors for good on the 1st of August. 🙁 It’s rough, but I still stick to my guns in believing that with proper networking and using your boots on the ground to hook up with other content creators, you’ll do fine and continue to grow.

Then I watched a video from one of my favorite artists Jason Brubaker about how the medium and the way its been evolving? Fascinating. I’m more inclined to believe he’s right and that we as content creators should start leaning into the turn a bit more. Check it out below:

I remember last year when I first started FTGF, a few friends and family pulled out their phones and actually asked me if I had heard of apps like Tapas and Line Webtoon. Of’course, starting this journey from scratch, I shook my head no and poked around on it but with little interest due to getting my feet wet with this whole thing to begin with. It would seem that I’d have to agree with Jason on this though, and it’s time to look at how folks approach their favorite comics on all fronts. I’ll probably start with my reworks on the prelude and experiment with a webtoon format as well as a traditional one for the personal site.

What do you folks think? What are your opinions on the future of web comics?